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ANP Area Trail Map – September 2014

The link is for the most recent map of the ANP.  The Anoka County Library is visible near the lower right corner of the picture, just off the intersection of 7th Avenue and County 116 (Bunker Lake Blvd).  In October of 2014, another step in the restoration process will occur, with a controlled burn of the brush along ground level of the oak savanna.  This will help eradicate the buckthorn and other non-native plants that have become so common in the area.

This is a basic map of the Anoka Nature Preserve with the proposed Metro Regional Trail and other features shown.. the “core” trail (shown in blue) in the center of the Preserve is known as the Vern Emmans Bluebird Trail.  Please be cautious around the bluebird houses–there are many, and they’re place in strategic locations for nesting.

An active bluebird house, along the Vern Emmans Trail

An active bluebird house, along the Vern Emmans Trail

Anoka High School students refer to the large, square meadow to the west as “Iowa,” and it offers a fabulous view from the hilltop in the center of the meadow. It slopes down to river bottom land which occasionally floods, and provides habitat and nesting grounds for many of the area waterfowl.

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